Measures of  Student Learning

Under the new educator evaluation regulations, all educators will be evaluated, in part, on their impact on student learning. The regulations call for at least two “district-determined measures of student learning outcomes.” These are defined as pre and post assessments comparable across grades and subjects district-wide.  

One of the measures must be the educators’ MCAS Student Growth Percentile scores. The DESE indicates that about 16 percent of the teacher workforce may have SGP scores.

The following survey asks school-based instructional or supervisory staff members to provide their ideas about what types of measures are appropriate for determining an educator’s impact on student learning outcomes and what types of controls should guide the inclusion of SGP scores.

This survey is completely confidential. The Massachusetts Teachers Association is collecting the data. There is no way for the responder to be identified.

The results from all respondents will be aggregated and disaggregated by type of educator, e.g. teacher, guidance counselor, school nurse. MTA will share the aggregate and disaggregated data with other professional associations who send this out to their members.

The results will be used in discussions with DESE staff as they develop guidance for the model evaluation system that is due to be disseminated in July 2012.